08 countries military force not’s

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Many countries have military. And this countries to demonstrate the power of love. Such as national day military parade. Practically all of the weapons that rally may be used. All over the world in some country don’t use of military, army and other military. Such as flow the countries:

Costa-Rica Country:

The Country Central American country’s constitution, or authority saying that our country will not have any military force. That situation running 1949 from. Un Peace University stands in costa-rica.Image

Likhastenastaina Country:

This is small country in Europe. Small country in the center was rejected by their militry forces far in 1868, due to financial reasons in constraints. The army was structure during the war. However, then did not need ever. This country small, but every man capita income is less than Qatar only. These countries peoples are always happy.

Samoa Country:

This country Freedom Announcement in 1962 year. Declared location in the Pacific Ocean, from New Zealand. At this time no military forces from the country. New Zealand is committed to intervene militarily to defend the country if necessary.

Andorra Country:

Europe’s small country Established in 1278 AD. Andorra do not have own military army. Spain and France are two country committed to protect the Andorra country, but necessary. This country total area 478 Square. Which is less than any big city like as Jakarta city. It is small country.

Tubhalu Country:

This country total 26 square kilo meters, and it located in the Pacific Ocean. This countries total people only 10 thousand. Tubhalu member of the Commonwealth. The regime of the constitutional member.Military 2015

Vatican Country:

A Vatican city Italie Capital of city a section. The Vatican city and smallest country in over world, this countries total population 840 and 0.4 decimal square kilometers’ in area. So this country is a smallest all over countries.

Granada Country:

The Craibean region located in fact, just an Islan Atlantic Ocean this located a small country her name Granada. This country total area 344 square Kilometers, Population only 1,25,000. The country is a member of the Commonwealth. Regime constitutional kingdom. And last country name:

Nauru Country:

The Island states in the Pacific, over an area of 21 sq km. The population of 10 thousand. Nauru part of Micronesia. Our article any information wrong then I try to sentence and word collection and solve. This country information informs that writer name Doues Vala.


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