26th March is Memorial Day in Bangladesh

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The 26th march is a red letter day for Bangladesh nations. In this day we remember our freedom fighters and martyrs. It is an important day for us. Every year we celebrate the day with due respect. This day remind us the terrible incident of 25th march night in 1971. That night Pakistan oppressor had kicked our general public fired and damaged everywhere or our country. Ina world they destroy our all country.

They destroy not only in cities, but also in village then the leaden of our nation “Sheikh Muhiber Rahaman” declared independence. Then our public gets ready for fight to some our flag. So this day is very important for our nations. People get up early in the morning. At the day starting the president and prime minister give flower with due respect at the national memorial at saver.Image

They various political parties. Social organizations and cultural origami solution, freedom fighter and many other organization, pay honors of the mayors. General people also go there in rallies. Some people also go there in relies. Some people also go there separately.

They also pay honors to our heroic freedom fighter. Who lay down their life for free our land for free land from Pakistani oppressors?. At the nation parade ground Bangladesh.Image Bangladesh

The country witness parade of Army, Police, border guard Bangladesh. Bangladesh Air forces answers show parade. In Bangladesh national student many school children.

Bangladesh Scouts, college boys and girls, different institution take part in various displays to entertain. Bangladesh Television telecasts live from Banga-bandhu national stadium.Natural Image

Every district stadium also organizes May programmers. Every district school college, Scouts, Redcrisent society and much other organization take part. The Deputy Commissioner is the Chief guest. He gives prize and then finished the stadium programmed.

Local area also organize some programmers for observe this day. They organize the cultural programmers highlight the struggle and sacra fire in 1971. Sports and tournaments. Bangladesh television and other satellite television channels are telecast movies about freedom fighting.Image

They also telecast telematics drama Freedom Fighter song and other programmers. Some channel telecast real vides about our freedom.
We can know properly about our freedom fighting from thus television programmers.

In after noon every district slilpa kala academy song drama. Children’s academy organizes song competition and dance competition .School children and college students take port here. Competition is won with giving prize.

Every people can know our heroic son how to save our country from opposite nation. In the evening, Dhaka University organizes drama. Student act here in various roles. This drama days our sacrifice for country is not similar not any country sacrifice. We sacrifice a lot for save our country from Pakistani Hayna.

Public buildings are decorated with colorful lights. Bangladesh Shilpa kala academy organize some programmers. Bangladesh children’s academy and other social-cultural organization held many programmers.Image 26th

In this day we can see every when our national flag. It gives us freedom Fighter because. We are a free nation in world. We gain our national Flag behind giving blood and sacrifice many lives. Our heroicson lay down their life for our country.

They are also freedom Fighter. They take parting Freedom Fighter indecently. Then we sacrifice. We gain our flag. Then we are free from country. At this Independence Day, I want to say thou we are a free nation this word, our social not free from corruptions and various terrorism.Image of 26th March

26th march is our independence day. It is the biggest state festival for Bangladesh. The day’s is apublic holiday. The day is celebrated every year in the country with great enthusiasm all office.

We can’t live with peace because of hated politics corrupting and terrorism. Every spare of our social is full many illegal way and Black person. If we remove this problem, we can live with peace in Mother Land.


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