About My Narsingdi District of Bangladesh

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I was born in a beautiful city. The name of my city is Narsungdi. It is a famous city in Bangladesh. It is saturated by the river of Maghna. We have a lot of asset our won. My home town is nice lose for her not real beauty.

Narsingdi has six upozilla, they are Narsingdi sadar, Shibpur, Monohordi, Pakash, Raipura and beautiful city. At first I want to say about Narsingdi Sadar. It has two Municipal, Narsingdi Municipal and nadobdi Municipal. Narsingdi head it of Narsingdi district. It has nice world.Image

I won’t say how many Shun kilometers is our perfect area. I want to say about her beauty. Many affrication of our city is some of Squares. At first I want to say about lily Squares. It is situated at the meddle point of North Shatir Para and Bash ail.

I want to say that proper description just want to about its nice to see. It is our natural symbol. It is sibling our natural beauty too. Then I want to say about “ALLAH”. It is situated at bilashdi. It is symble of honest and peace.

Image Home

When you go to narsingdi Municipal you can see Squares in front of narsingdi municipal. It is our proud. It is name mukit Squares. It is symbol of our freedom fighting. We know about our freedom fighting, but when we see Mukti Squares. We fell proud because of our heroes’ son who laid down their lift for free our country free Pakistani oppressor.

Image map

We get this free land. IT reminds us the terrible fighting of 1971too. The Rojonigonda Squares is situated in front of Narsingdi Government Girls School.

The rose Squares, situated at bazirmor.
Then are symbol of love and beauty. We have also a study Squares. It is our pride. It is situated near at narsingdi Government College in Brammondhi.Image

It says us when a man can be a proper educate person. It is symbol of education. We have a world. It is situated at narsingdi old. Busstation cowries pare. It is say we are feet for global change.
We have near at Narsingdi new bus terminal at shalidha. Narsingdi is famous for some things.

It is famous for banana, our farmers grew many kinds of bana and they supply all over country.

Narsingdi also famus for collating Industry. This Location are famous for textile mills, many worker work here. They make many kinds of soil jag for our country people.


We have also a famous hat name of shukher chor babur hat. It is a big retailer market. It is situated at Sheiker chor in narsingdi Sadar. It is Fames all over our country. We also proud for a herois son his name Hour’s Motiur Rahaman. He is our proud. He was born al Raripura upozila in narsingdi district.

He was a Pakistani pilot. When freedom figut is strt, he take partin freedom fight for save of country. Narsingdi has many educational institution. Narsingdi Gov. College and school. It has Three Gov. School. It has also many private school, half Gov. school and many private college. About Kadir molla city college.

We have also a brave son named martyr ASAD. He was born at dhibpur in Narsingdi. A GOV. college is named by his name. We have an old symbol. It is situated at shibpur upozila. That name way things general people also go here with study tour many tourist also come here.Image Zeilla

A Famous park is also situated in Narsngid. This name “Dream Holiday Park”. Many people come here from different place of our country with tour package.

We also grow many kinds of vegetable and cultivate is second position in our county is also Narsingdi has many hospital. We have two government Hospital they are Narsngdi Distract Hospital. There are many Private hospital and Clinic is also situated in has Narsngdi.

We have seven Thana in six Upozila. A Judge court, civil Sargon officer, Police super officer, TNA Officer and many government officer and building is situated in this district.Beautiful Image

We have a railway station many Mosques, Temple are ete. We have famous hotel and restaurant. We have also a famous river name Maghna. Many Kinds of fruit too. Our farmers also grow many kinds of padding. We also jut and others crops.

In a word. If want to say about Narsngdi district. I can loiter more and more. My home town is so beautiful. If you come Narsingdi, you can see how many beautiful is my city. Every visitor total reads or comment and shear by others social media.


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