Admission Going on An-Nabil International Madrasah Notice

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Admission going on An-Nabil international Madrasah 2014 December. Na-Nabil international Madrasah admission starts in 1th December, 2014. Na-Nabil Madrasah Authority and teacher admission information announce. If you want to admission then Na-Nabil international madrasah School coming an your expected information collected and your children get admission. Quran is the source of all the benefiting knowledge.

Admission Information:
1. Application form collect by admission room then par admission for 500/- Tk submit.
2. Total 60 marks Exam into (written, viva), then qualification
3 Admission form applicant 2 passport size picture attested and birthday certificated photocopy.
4. Play and One class student guardian viva face other class student admission exam held on.

Allah subhabahu we ta’ala shower mercy and blessing on a pool of dedicated slaves of his to preserve his unparalleled speech. This instated class three and class ten will be cosseting. Education system is very heigh. Statistics shows that the majority of ‘Ulama in Bangladesh are not Huffaz and the ones who have momorized the quarn fail to the reach the class of’ Ulama’s said that Moreover, on the completion of Hifz, ago and contexts don’t permit them to further their research to deepen the underrating on the Qur’an and Sunnah. An-Nabile International Madrasah and School an intensive crash course that hones these talents and places then in the process of begetting scholars out of them in sha allah.

The instated features of the course: An-Nabil Madrasah only for Quran teach no this instated with the Math, English, Bangla, Cultural class, Etc. Student will be able to sit for the class V Completion Examination within 2 year in sha Allah.

An-Nabil International Madrasah of Features:
1. Teacher experienced and efficient by all class.
2. Regular Hifz revision to Huffaz of international standard.
3. Teaching Arabic Language through the king Saud University Manual for non-Asabs.
4. English Language practical Method by English Language.
5. Teacher the basics of Bangla, Math, English, Arabic, Islam Studs, and Science etc.
6. Teaching speech, and other fastball and benefit Debate, recitation, Islamic song, etc. and
7. Training the excellent Handwriting and Daly presentation.

An-Nabil International Madrasah and School Cadet Brach Resident info facility. Haifz Breach Un-Resident had every candidate. This instated Education system is very nice. If your children and relative sister and brother any Girls, Boys. A beautiful please and Multimedia class room. Un- Resident Student for 24 hours Discipline in student life. Shaykh Hossain Ahmad madani (B.A Honors, Islamic University of Medina, M.A).

An-Nabil International Madrasah, ongoing Education Curriculum:
1. Cadet Madrasah.
2. Intensive Course
3. Hifz-Qur’an (boys, girls).
4. Intensive Crash Course (for Huffaz).
5. Per-Hifz (Maktab) and
6. Arabic Language Course.

An-Nabil International Madrasah School and Instated Information Khilkhet, Nikunja -2 House #-1/B, Road #- 12, Dhaka-1229. If you more information collects, then you visit official web site Hotline: 02 8900771, 01197435304, 01197435307, E-mail commutation with the authority and instituted teacher and member.   


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