Admission of Dhaka University 2015-16 all Units Admit Card

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Dhaka University is High level university. This University Education year 2015-16 first year honors student through Admission application process will be start from next Monday,( 24 August 2015 – 10 September 2015), end of admission process of Dhaka university. That notice Dhaka University authority published 12 August 2015. DU Prof: Dr. A. A. M.S Arefin Siddique president. Year 2015 First year honors admission committees, the decision was taken.

DU Admission Control Committees:

Du admission control Committee service center decision was taken. According to DU admission test Date and time:

1. Ka /A (Unit) Admission test held on 30 October 2015, Friday
2. Kha / B (Unit) Admission test Held on 9 October 2015, Friday
3. Ga / C (Unit) Admission test held on 16 October 2015, Friday
4. Gha / D (Unit) Admission test held on 6 November, 2015, Friday
5. Cha / E (Unit) Admission test held on 10 October, 2015 General Knowledge, Saturday and Cha Units Drawing exam held on 17October, 2015.

Admission Start :

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Dhaka University All unit Admit card and Seat plan Published in this site

Seat Plan and Admit Card Download here

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All Students Application Ability
:First year every unit’s admission test education qualification flow the text

A Unit (Ka): A units all students are applied the science background such as pure science and Agriculture Science Higher Secondary and Madrasha Science department student are applied. Every applicants must be 8.00 point with optional subject.

Kha Unit (B): B-unit secondary college, Madrasha Board pass the 2014, 2015 General Board, all applied under the human branch for DU admission test. Kha unit apply point and 7.00 and without optional.

C- Unit (Ga): Ga unit meaning Dhaka University Business Branch Higher Education, Diploma in Business Studies, Business management exam pass students apply now, but one condition every Students School, and college must be 7.00 and 7.5 point with optional subject.

Gha-Unit (D): Under the D / Gha Unit admission test Students.
1. The secondary branch of the humanities and the human branch Madrasa board. Madrsha education in secondary and higher secondary or equivalent examination candidates receive the 4th subject through highly sum of at least 7.0

2. Science and Agriculture science, Home economics and madrahs Education board Science department, Higher Secondary School with 8.00 Point students can be applied.

3. Studies of business, Diploma in business studies, Business Management department with four-subjects total Greed Point 7.5.

E-Unit (Cha): Cha unit student interested candidates SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher School Certificate) with 4-subject and minimum GPA 3.00 and Both Gpa 6.5.

Any candidates, if O-level Exam into 5 subject and into 2 subject total 7 in subjects and 4 subject B Greed and 3 subject C greed will be get.

Every Candidates bank Service online fee admission exam fee 350/- DU University authority has been determined.

Note: DU Details through the web site and notice will be given later. Dhaka university any information change by authority.


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