Admission Test 2015 Information and System of University

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Image InformationWe know a proverb, “End is well, all is well”. A man can true this proverb when he reaches his goal. When he can make himself in alright position.


After passing intermediate, student wants to admit in a famous published university. But this way is not easy. Millions of students passing intermediate but famous university give opportunity a little number of students. So they have to admission test examination for chance to admission.

This admission test examination is not sommelier as our institute examination. So a large number of student don’t know how the question pattern. They also don’t know how to give answer. So they need to go to a university admission test choosing center for learn about admission.

Public University Link:

At present, when intermediate exam is running, students get many leaflet, hand bit in many abort many choosing center.
They can choose a best one among them. Many student get admission examination. Some are admitting while published result.
Admission test like this center are different kinds. If a student wants to get admission on a medical college, he has to admit in a medical coaching center like RATINA.

If student wants to get admission a BUET, DUET,KUET, CHUET, RUET, JUET, are many public university and Private University. He has to admitted in a university of engineering technology center like OMECA.

Similar if a student wants to get admission in a public university like:
1. Dhaka University (D.U)
2. Rajshahi University (R.U)
3. Jagannath University (J.N.U)
4. Jahangirnagar University (J.U.N)
5. Chittagong University (C.U) and More University List Link.

There are many university name online search and identify university web site visit. He has to admit in a university admission coaching center like U.C.C; Admission+; Focus; Saifou’r and Uddvas are many coaching center.

When a student get admit in coaching center. He has to maintain some role. The coaching center takes his class with some of his brilliant teacher. They also take many preparation exams. If a student read attentively in the golden time before university admission test, he can make himself person for a famous university. If he obey all the coaching role and take part in all he coaching class and exam.

Make a golden result all time. He can be successful. A university has some role for select a student. At first they give from, student have to fill-up form. But all kinds of student can’t fill-up because of come condition.

A minimum scale of GPA has to achieve for form fill-up. Different university want different GPA Scale Dhaka University.
There are four units of Dhaka University:
Ka-Unit (A)
Kha-Unit (B)
Ga-Unit and

Dhaka University Kh-Unit want GPA 8 and without additional subject above of 10. Kha unit need GPA 7.00 without 4th subject above of 10. Ga-unit need GPA-7.50 without 4th subject above of 10.
Who get this minimum GPA without 4th subject he can fill-up form?. This same information in jagannath University. And Jahangirnagar University, some different.

The university gives then admit card for exam, in previous university directly give form but now a day’s students fill-up form in internet or mobile phone.

After admission test examination, university published result. Exam full marks 200. 80 is SSC and HSC GPA is multiply with 6 and HSC GPA is multiply with 10 other 120 marks M.C.Q. If a student gives correct answer for a question he gets 1.20 marks. It he give wrong answer for a question he get negative marks counts. Different university, Different unit has negative mark. Such as .30 or 0.25.



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