IPL Final Information And All Champion Teams Name

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Cricket is a very popular play all over country. But Asian country mostly popular Play is Cricket. Every Country One Cricket Council Board then ICCB but Indian Cricket Council Board is a National Board. “Indian Premier League” country best federate play. This years and other year’s information search here and league information.

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S/N IPL Champion Team Year
1 Rajasthan Royals 2008
2 Deccan Chargers 2009
3 Chennai Super Kings 2010, 2011
4 Mumbai Indians 2013, 2015
5 Kolkata Knight Riders 2012, 2014

Rajasthan Royals (RR):

There is First IPL champion. They win IPL trophy for one time. They first IPL champion in 2008. Rajistan Royals team representing in dais important city Rajasthan. Team owners are actress Shilpa Shetty and Lachlan Murdoch. Some company also Sponsored their term. Their captain is Australian player “Shave Watson” and heads each paddy Upton.Image

Royal challenger Banglor for (RcB):

This them representing Bangalore city. They can’t win IPL trophy. Their team woner is Vijay Malya. Their team captain is Indian “Super Star Player Virat Kholi” and head coach Danial vettori. Surise Hyderabad. At the end, I say about Surrise Hyderabad. It is a new team. They also can’t IPL trophy.  Their team owner is Kalanidhi Maran. Team captain David owner and head coach Tommody.

This IPl 2015 is up coming. So I want to say some they’re about this IPL 2015. Yuvraj singh is most costly player for this season. He sold this season 16,00,00,000 Indian Rope, bought Dellhi dare devils. Dellhi dare devils funds 1,35,00,000 us dollar for but player. They bought four costly players from tem costly player.image

Second costly player in this IPL is Indian” Dinesh Kartik” he get price 10,50,00,000 Indian Rupies. Royal Challenger Bangalor brught him. Then say who third costly player. This season he is snilink supper star all-rounder Angelo Mathows he get price 7,50,00,000 Indian rupees. Dellhi dare devils bought him.

Fourth costly player is Indian peacer Zaheer Khan. He get price bought him. Fifth costly player. New Zeland preacher cricket ball. He get price 3,80,00,000 rupees. Sunrise Hyderabad bought him. Sixth amit misher is Indian leg Spinner Amit misher. He gat price 3,50,00,000 rupees.


Dellhi Dare devils also bought him. Seventh costly player Australian Right handed batsman “Aorn Finch” he get price 3,20,00,000 Indian rupees Mumbi Indians bought him. Eight costly player name is Indian batsman Murali Vijay. He got 3,00,00,000 Indian rupees.

Kings xi Punjab (Kxip) bought him. Kalkata king riders bought Ninth costly player in this season. His name is kc cariappa. He get price  2,40,00,000 Indian rupees Chennai Super Kings (CSK) bought tenth costly two players.They are Australia an bowler Michel hussy and Indian all-rounder player path an.They get 1,50,00,000 rupees.

Every team furs a lot of money. The most funds had Royals. Their funds serious player 4. Total players 25 10,65,00,00 US Dollar. SunriseHyderabad funds is second position. Their funds 9,35,00,000 us dollars. Their over is pplayers 8, total player 23, 9,20,000 us dollar funds two teams. The two teams are Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) their over is players 9. Total players 23 and another team is king’s xi Punjab. Their over is player 7 and total player 22. Mumbai Indian funds 4,90,50,000 US dollars.

Their over is player 9 and total player 26,2,00,000 US dollars. Royal Challenger Bangalore funds.This over is player 9 total player 26,1,35,00 US dollar. Dellhi Dare Devils Runds. Their over is player 9 and total player 25. “Chennai Supper Kings” funds is too short in this IPL. Their  funds 70,00,000 US Dollar. Their over is player 9 and total player 25.


After tossing, one team deceived to bat and other team to field. One team can bat twenty over’s then they give target. If then overcome the target. They can win. IF they can’t overcome target they failure. Many Audience watch match. Some are watch in Stadium and some are watch in front of television. They get both pleasure and sorrow. New a day’s some miscreants it tames negatively. They not only watch match but also do some illegal work.

They played bet some time they give money to player for match filching many for many. If cricket rules will be hard, we can remove match filching. Public aware news is also needed for declare cricket ball.  Then we can also watch good cricket match. This year champion Mumbai India (MI). Facebook Fan Page.


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