Jessore Polytechnic Institute 50 years Purit Celebrating

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Hi, Jassore Polytechnic Institute all department student previous student or new students and all teacher how are you. I think every student is very good. JPI all student and teacher together a celebrations and fairs 2015. To celebrate the 50th anniversary and hang out. This celebrations held on 2015 December, 25-26 and (Friday, Saturday). Jessore Polytechnic Instituted all former student at the registration form requesting for participate 50 years anniversary and fairs meeting 2015.

If you want to more information and other information gather this call:

Idris Ali <1979> Phone Number: 01711855030
Jahurul Haq <1984> phone number: 01723014308
Farhad Hasson <1998> Phone number: 01913023148
Kamal Hossan <2010> Phone number: 01916411952
All Mamun Roani <2012> Phone number 01914816606
If you Jessore polytechnic Instituted students Friends registration form 50 years Celebrations registration form facebook and Jessore Polytechnic Instituted Principal office Dhaka Kakarayalastha IDEB bulding’s and Technical Office found for form.

Hereby,Jessore Polytechnic Institute, who is to inform the students that, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fair and the meeting – of2 015, and registration form inform.
Principan officer, Jessore Polytechnic Institute. Mr. Sherajul Islam phone no: 01720611853
Principan officer, Khulna Polytechnic Institute. Mr Siddukura Rahman phone no: 01925828628
Technical Office, IDEB Vabon Kakraile, Dhaka. Mr. Idris Ali: 01711855030
IDEB office, Jessore .Mr. Nurial Islam: 01716909394 and Email Registration Form send here

Registration and Program Information:
1. Registration Last-date: 18 December, 2015
2. Program start Day: 25, 26 December, 2015

Amount operates in the area:
1. Jessore Polytechnic Instituted Former students: 1000/-Tk
2. Students or Unemployed students: 500/-Tk;
3. Present students: 200/-Tk;
4. JPI Teacher but not student: 500/-Tk;
5. JPI third class Employee: 200/-Tk;
6. Jessore Polytechnic Institute 4th class Employee: 100/-Tk; and
7. Additional per person: 500/-Tk. Registration Last Date 19 December 2015. And Note: End Date to deposit money with a fee of 300 rupees delay 26 December, 2015.
The registration procedure:
1. Duch bangla Bank, R N road, jessore Branch. Account Name Jessore Polytechnic Institute 50 year’s celebration and get together-2015. Account number- 163.110.14541 this account pay your registration form fee submits. (N.B Account fee receipt with program day).

2. Present student, Employee or Teacher and Principal Jessore Polytechnic Institute Money submit this account submit registration fee.

3. Courier or by sending postal mail and be able to register this address will be send to: captain’s office, Jessore Polytechnic Institute, Jessore.

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4. You can send the scanned copies of the via E-mail and email Id: or other way After the money has been deposited in the account of the following formats of this Mobile (Mr. Z. eisa Munshi: 01973014308) By sending the message and be able to register the day of the program at the Polytechnic Institute of Jessore.

Registration form should be submitted to:
a. Name:
b. Amount:
c. Passing Year:
d. Bank code number:
e. Total attend member:
f: Mobile Number:


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