Lag Behind Bangladesh Mayanmar

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Bangladesh or Mayanmar both country for 2012, 14 March this day was significant enough. The international Court of Justice ruled in the case of conflict between the two Countries rivers area and the settlement of the dispute between. The two countries have a long rivers area. Two country long-term mutual distrust and exciting situation has prevailed river area.

One of the least developed countries as well as the two countries to bolster their own economies to the challenge of providing the necessary energy and resources that both sides of the Bay of bangla in the form rivers area gas has the potential to be brilliant.

2000 years Mayanmar Arakan rajyassanlagna gas field large number of see stimulates the above nation. Recent, the area around of the bangle to find more domestic and foreign oil and gas company that are considered more attractive place. Mayanmar Shungo Ricers deep fund the Oil and Gag search the Mayanmar peoples and new identify.

As result of the search of the sea, and 26 are assigned to the block in which the block 11 show and 15 deep-see blocks. Before Bangladesh and Mayanmar Engineer search the Gas and oil. Fill the Bangladesh and Mayanmar peoples. This topics is Bangladesh and Mayanmar same Applicable.

It is indeed that of the last three years to settle boundary disputes between the Myanmar oil and gas exploration in the accelerated initiative has taken effective measures, slower than the country’s enterprises, inadequate and, in some cases, controversial.

2013 Myanmar oil and gas exploration in its rivers areas international ad campaign and in the first half of 2014 foreign companies from competing done identify. 20 of offshore exploration blocks in the production of more than 10 foreign companies under the partnership agreement is to be appointed, who are already going to continue.

At the national oil and Gas Company Petro decides that the area exposed to the sea or is empty, it will collect seismic survey data. It for international way submits advertisement for Seismic Survey Company will be appointed.

At the appointed management company, known as seismic surveys maltiklayenta offshore seismic survey and data collection and special media Petrobangla full report will be made. For any cause Bangladesh any author do not needs. Foreign country buy the oil then provide a author.

After the above done competitively in Bangladesh to recruit foreign companies bidding process will begin. As for rivers area conflict resolution after three years, Promising offshore exploration program was already in progress.

Therefore, the task of this maltiklayenta seismic survey soon to judge the importance of the seismic surveys from the company earlier this year, Petro-Bangla.

Petro-Bangla in this time Right way company appointed then one expert assessment committee structure. In there, a senior export from the University of Petroleum where experts are include in Petro-bangla. This assessment committee for end specifically right company pick now time. Petro-Bangla sent to the ministry for approval.

According to the press that the ministry spent quite a long time after the recommendation of the evaluation committee decided to cancel and re-tender Petro-bangla ordered to start a new way. If the government does not ensure transparent and fair administration of contracts with foreign companies and to protect national interests will not be easy.


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