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PAHELA BAISAKHI is a tradition old celebration for bangali nations. We observed this day with many wedding. It is a public holiday. Government institution, School, College, Office and Other instituted remain closed in this day.

In This days Programing, Halkhata is main attraction. Business man open new account book in this day. They organized a Halkhata wedding. Then they invite their customers. Customer come Halkhata wedding and pay their previous payment.Then Businessman serves those sweets and other foods item. Then they can open a new account book for New Year.


It is a tradition old celebration. People observed this Halkatha wedding since the time of sum rat aw rang a jeb.
People eat PANTA with HILSHA Fish in this day many stalks and hotel sell PANTA and HILSHA fish. Poor people also want to eat some costly food as meat in PAHELA BAISAKH. People think, It they start this year with costly and good food, they can eat same food every day in this year.Image PAHELA BAISAKHI

They also thing if they start this day with bad word, they will not get peace in this year. So they also remain this day with happily.
PAHELA BAISAKHI is also tradition old celebration many place of our country arrange BAISAKHI fair. Generally people go BAISAKHI flare and buy many things. They eat many kinds of food item and enjoy them sakes.


Childminder are buy colorful things and toys. They also enjoy BAISAKHI fair. Some people buy daily needed material such as chair, table, and other hour’s necessary things. Some PAHELA BAISAKHI fair in Bangladesh any location.

Arranged people show. It’s our part of culture people enjoyed puppet show very much. BAISAKHI fair also arranged magic show. Some fair stay one day some fair stay for few days.


It is a special day for every people buy new cloth for observed this day. Generally children’s wear BAISAKHI cloths. They also Art in face and other parts of body.They want to go many plece in this day.

CHAKMA, GARO, MURONG, they observed this day with different way. They start PAHELA BAISAKHI festival before two days. They abserved this day with beautiful wedding. They also arrange some colorful ceremony for celebrates this day.


POHELA BAISAKHI is part and parcel of our culture. We were celebrate POHELA BAISAKHI with more enjoy before. Although we don’t celebrate POHELA BAISAKHI as before. This day is very important us.

Some place of our country arranged boat race in POHELA BAISAKHI, people watch boat race with joy. They clap the boat trader get inspiration. Many bout water paths in bout race from different village or different area. Ten or more rider boat. But one team can win.


A special person give prize with them boat race indicate our tradition. Coke fighting is also arranged in this day. Audience also enjoyed cake fighting very much. This is our traditional old play.
Some place of our country also arranged some traditional game. Among then, HA-DU-DU is most important game.

The month of PAHELA BAISAKHI is important for our agriculture. After the month of chaitra we get rain in BAISAKHI. This important BAISAKHI is start from PAHELA BAISAKHI, farmers cut their finds of cake and often one otherwise.


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